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After only a few weeks from being swept off our feat from the Jachmann PINK LADY APPLE CIDER winning GOLD at the ROYAL HOBART FINE FOOD AWARDS, The Jachmann’s were headed to Melbourne as guests of the Australian Cider Awards 2016.

Over 200 products had been entered into this year’s show – a 30 per cent increase on last year – with cider producers from far and wide vying for honours.

In the largest most desirable category for Apple Cider consumers, 72 entries were judged in the Class 2A New World Medium Cider from all over Australia.

The Jachmann Pink Lady Apple Cider was awarded BEST of CLASS and the only GOLD MEDAL in class with an outstanding 93 Points – the equal highest score of the Show.

Cider Australia President Sam Reid said it was encouraging to see such strong support for the Awards as it enters its sixth year, confirming the value the industry places on Australia’s leading cider competition.

“The awards continue to drive growth and innovation in the cider category by focusing attention on quality and recognising the growing diversity of cider styles available in Australia”, Mr Reid said.

Judging of the Awards will took place in Melbourne on 26-27 September when a discerning panel of cider experts assess entries in a record twenty different categories.

Chief Steward Nyall Condon said it was amazing to see over 200 entries in the competition, and the judging panel was equally impressed with the high calibre of ciders on show.

“Appreciation of cider in Australia is shifting in the direction we were hoping with more complex, drier styles being produced,” Mr Condon said.

The Jachmann Family is incredibly proud of all of the efforts over the past 4 years, crafting the Jachmann Ciders to be recognised amongst our peers at the top.

The competition was fierce and incredibly tough with Ciders coming from the traditional apple growing regions of Australia. Riverland has once again proven that it can produce Apple Ciders at the very Top echelon of Australian Cider.

“This award is so incredibly rewarding, I just want to share this with all of the family” noted Pauline Jachmann on the night.

In its shadow the Jachmann ROYAL GALA – New Season release achieved a Bronze Medal.

Australian Cider Awards 2016 Results > Australian Cider Awards 2016 – Results





A great award to recognised all of the hard work and tedious effort put into the Jachmann Apple Orchard throughout the seasons.

Entering the Tasmania Awards was all about how we were judged amongst our peers. Gratefully we have been recognised as a grower of quality Apple Cider.

We have also just released the Royal Gala – that will be entered into the Australian Cider awards along with the Pink Lady Gold Medal Cider.

Established in 1983, Pauline & James Jachmann purchased the Orchards in the heart of the Riverland on Bookpuronong Road between the townships Loxton and Berri. The Orchards range in years of Planting from the late 1970’s to the mid 80’s and are planted in a heavier soil less typical to the region.

Typical of the region, they are a hard working family that cultivated, pruned, planted, hand picked their fruit each year to supply the local market fresh South Australian Apples. The varieties ranges from Pink lady, Royal Gala, Galaxy, Granny Smith, Fuji and Lady William.

During the Picking season the fruit from the orchard can today still be purchased by passers by at the Farm Gate Stand, and honesty system where people can buy their 2kg bags of the Apples in season, bitterly straight from the tree.

Pauline Jachmann to this day and every day are in the orchard doing the hard work. In the Picking season she has either a picking bag on or is on top of the Hydo-Picker, packing out the apples for market or delivering apples to customers. In Pruning season she has in hand her pruning snips or a small chainsaw. In between she is seen on the tractor slashing the block or balancing the books, or delivering boxes of Cider to the Local Hotels in the Riverland. This is a labour of love and its all about an intention to grow the very best and tasty apples she can grow.

In between all of the hard work, Pauline also diversifies the Apple offering and produces Dried Apples, Apple & Cinnamon Flat Snacks and when a local show is on she crushes some of the apples that don’t make the grade into the Jachmann Orchard Apple Juice.

Its the juice and years of discussion around the kitchen table with family that inspired 30 years of growing apples to create the Jachmann Apple Cider.


JACHMANN 4 out of 4 BRONZE Medals


October 2015 – At the 2015 Australian Ciders on the weekend, all 4 Jachmann Ciders received Bronze Medals.

The pick of the Medals went to the Jachmann Apple Co. Lady William Apple Cider 500ml with the Top in Class – Australian Dry Cider.

This apple was planted in the 90’s as a late season/winter apple, planted to ensure fresh apples were available to Australian consumers. However with a change in technology in keeping apples for longer periods of time and the added pressure of apple imports, the Lady Williams were pushed out of favour as a packed apple.

The Jachmann Farms Gate Sales are the only place in which we now sell these crisp, cruchy apples that are bright red in colour. As a Cider Apple they are brilliant for producing our Dry, Crisp Ciders. This result provides us with the confidence that we can continue to develop to new levels of excellence in our Apple Cider offering.

The Museum Releases of 500ml Royal Gala and 500ml Pink Lady both received Bronze Medals in the New World Medium Sweet Category.

Australian Cider Awards 2015 Results > cider-australia-awards-2015



13 OCTOBER 2014

At the Australian Cider Awards Dinner held at Kelvin Club in Melbourne on Friday night, Jachmann Apple Company was awarded not one, but two silver medals in the Class New World Medium Cider for the Jachmann Pink Lady Apple Cider (2nd in class) and the Jachmann Royal Gala Apple Cider (3rd in Class)

This is the first year that the family owned Apple Company have been recognised for their efforts in producing Craft Apple Cider.

Since their first foray into Apple Cider production in 2012, The Jachmann Apple Company have continually raise the bar in terms of Apple Cider making and engagement with a hands on approach from the family, has earned the company a loyal following of Craft Apple Cider consumers and stockists.

With a quality and premium production mentality, the company has embraced each apple variety that is still sold as a packed apple to reflect the same freshness of the 100% apple cider product that truly reflects the unique flavour composition of each unique apple variety in Apple Cider form.

The categories highest awarded medals were four Silver Medals that included – Jachmann Pink Lady (52.5 points) and Jachmann Royal Gala (51 points). The Jachmann Lady William new season Apple Cider will be released at the end of 2014.

’ The company’s philosophy has been built on the premise of hard work, generosity of spirit and of sharing great apple products with family and friends. Receiving these medals is a great testament to the family’s commitment of nurturing this philosophy now and for the future.

Australian Cider Awards 2014 Results > australian-cider-awards-results-booklet-2014

Australian Cider Awards SilverJachmann PINK LADY Apple Cider – SILVER MEDAL – TOP IN CATEGORY –
 Australian Cider Awards 2014  

“Lifted apple aroma, delicate cider.” Judges comments


Australian Cider Awards Silver

Jachmann ROYAL GALA Apple Cider – SILVER MEDAL – TOP IN CATEGORY – Australian Cider Awards 2014 

“Good fruit aromas, well balanced.” Judges comments


THE AGE – Melbourne, VIC


Ralph Kyte-Powell, THE AGE NEWSPAPER, Melbourne VIC

Jachmann Apple Co. Royal Gala Apple Cider 500ml

“This strong dry cider has a deep golden colour and only slight effervescence. Aroma and flavours are pure and not at all bolstered by sweetness, with a light purity of apple characters and a clean, fresh acid bachbone. Value: Good.”

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Jachmann PINK LADY Apple Cider – SILVER MEDAL – Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards 2015 

“Rich colour. Fresh and crunchy, zesty, limey.” Judges comments



Jachmann ROYAL GALA Apple Cider – SILVER MEDAL – Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards 2015 

“Good Length, well balanced, rich fruit aroma, zesty finish.” Judges comments





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