In Season

In Season

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Jachmann Apple Season

(January to May)

The Jachmann Apple Orchard consist of an array of Apple varieties that come into ripeness throughout the growing season.

January – February: ROYAL GALA

These Bright Red highlights with a slight yellow hue set off the season as one of most popular apple varieties. The cooler nights bring on the redness on the skin and the yellow hue represents the beautiful sweetness developing in the apple.
These apples are sold throughout Australia through our Apple Network plus they represent the opening to our Farm Gate Stall on Bookpurnong Road (featuring in many of our locals kids’ lunch boxes throughout the summer months)


The Royal Gala Apples are selected after our eating apples are sorted for the Market and our Farm Gate Stall. These Apples are taken to our Cool Store to continue to develop into the ideal Royal Gala Cider Apple where they are then crushed and fermented to ensure the freshness and Apple sweetness of the variety is maintained.


February – March: Golden Delicious

The locals of the Riverland have these apples available to them first when they come on in the season via the Farm Gate Stall, a combination of very old established trees that may age beyond 40 years produce a light crop of Golden Delicious from the Orchard.

The early in the season they are packed with acidity and amazing flavour as they have a Greenish hue on the skin and within weeks a they transform into full flavoured apple decadence and the balance of sweetness and acid is brilliant.

There is not enough of this apple grown on the estate to make a Jachmann Golden Delicious Apple Cider, unfortunately.

Late February – April: Granny Smith

We are very fortunate to have some amazing old girls in the Orchard that have stood the test of time and survived their fare share of droughts and tough times. These trees produce amazing bright green and exquisite Granny Smith Apples. They may not be for everyone, however if you enjoy sinking your teeth into the crisp freshness of a nicely sized Granny Smith and love the flavour of the tart mouthfeel of this crisp and juicy apple variety then put in your diary to come past the Farm Gate Stall through late February until early April.

Again these beautiful apples are only available through the Farm Gate at the Orchard and through the Apple Markets through the capital cities. There is not enough grown of this variety to make a crisp dry cider…however we do make one with Lady Williams that ticks that box! (see below Lady William)

12019844_1034638466629494_2615041158418324576_nMarch: Fuji

For the sweet tooth, these apples are full of flavour and carry an amazing sweetness. Due to the time of the year and the warmth of the Orchards at the time that these apples come into ripeness, we don’t get the colour that some of the cooler hills climate growing regions, however what we don’t get in looks we definitely make up in terms of mouth filling taste!

A small crop only is grown each year, there is no Jachmann Fuji Apple Cider, however we do produce Dried Apples and  Apple & Cinnamon flat snacks (available throughout the Riverland) from this variety.



11377327_977720578987950_1507274746454491198_nMarch to June: Pink Lady

This is our most popular apple variety grown, the balance of sweetness to acidity makes this perfect for so many. Once the bags are released to the Jachmann Farm Gate Stall people all across the Riverland seem to find there way to the Orchard to keep a stock of these wonderful apples.

The Jachmann Pink Lady Apple Cider’s popularity also follows through from the apples popularity. This Cider has picked up numerous accolades and we have now bottled our very first 330ml Pink Lady that is even more popular than before.

These beautiful apples are available through the Jachmann Farm Gate (in season) at the Orchard and through the Apple Markets through the capital cities.


May: Lady William

Planted back in the day to continue to supply the market with fresh apples, the Lady William has not had a lot of love in the fresh market due to imports and the increased technology of preserving apples in cool rooms for later release.

This late season variety is incredible in appearance, bright red like a cricket ball and packed with brilliant crisp acidity. The best thing for our cider is that this is one of our most popular Apple Ciders in the range as the apples develop in the bottle like a fine champagne. The elegant complexity of the apple continues to impress with patience.

The very first Jachmann Apple Cider was made from Lady William. The Apple Juice was fermented with Champagne yeast, a portion was fermented in oak. There is still a small volume available for release through the local supporters plus customers can purchase this cider through the Online Store.

All Lady William Apples grown are pressed and bottled for Cider.

Enjoy for that is our intention!




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