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Jachmann Apple Cider starts and ends with the tastiest, juiciest apples.  It’s simple.

If there’s one thing the Jachmann family know, it’s apples. They have been growing them since 1983.

These years of experience in growing the best quality fruit has assisted the family in producing the award-winning and world class Jachmann Apple Cider.

Everything about Jachmann Apple Cider is done to ensure they are delivering on quality. The ciders are gluten-free and contain no added sugar, water or concentrate, and they use only freshly crushed apples grown in their orchard at Loxton North.

Using as little intervention as possible during the apples’ fermentation process, the apples are able to create their delicious, natural flavour profile which makes Jachmann ciders so special and unique.

Whether your preference is the slightly sweet clean, crisp flavour of the Pink Lady, draught style and acidity of the Royal Gala, or the Lady Williams’ subtle dryness and delicate flavours, Jachmann Apple Cider can provide you with the perfect beverage to accompany a variety of cuisines, or even just a humble cheese platter.

The family’s hands-on approach in every stage of creating their ciders has earned the business a reputation for exceptional quality, and a loyal following of craft apple cider consumers and stockists both locally and nationally.

Jachmann Royal Gala Apple Cider Museum Release

The ROYAL GALA Cider has natural apple complexity, sweetness, acidity, making it a beautiful Draught Style cider. – just like the apples picked from the tree. 
The early in its release the Royal Gala has a beautiful balance of fresh fruit characteristics that fill the mouth and lift it with gentle natural acidity. The optimum Cider comes into its own after 12 months in the bottle maturing into a rich golden coloured, low bubble profile gives this small batch Estate Grown Craft Apple Cider natural structure and great length.

Jachmann Pink Lady Apple Cider

Made from Pink Lady Apples, the Cider is clean crisp with natural sugar levels leaving a clean crisp mouth feel.
Low bubble profile and slightly Sweet Taste gives this small batch Estate Grown Apple Cider an elegance complementing the fine structure and great length.
Perhaps more than any other modern apple, Pink Lady epitomises the trend towards product marketing and branding in the sale of apples. Pink Lady was one of the first apples to be marketed under a specific brand name rather than by its variety name. Pink Lady or otherwise known as Cripps Pink was developed in the 1970s by John Cripps in Western Australia, and is a cross between Golden Delicious and Lady Williams.
Lady Williams is not a particularly well known apple variety in Europe or North America, but has been quite widely grown in Australia, having been discovered as a chance seedling in the 1930s. It is probably from Lady Williams that Pink Lady gets its distinct colouring.

Jachmann Lady Williams Apple Cider Museum Release​

Made from Lady William Apples. The Cider is clean crisp and dry still style with natural sugar levels leaving a clean crisp mouth feel.
Still profile gives this small batch Estate Grown Apple Cider an elegance complementing the fine structure and great length.
An attractive red flushed Australian apple of uncertain parentage, but with excellent keeping qualities.
No Concentrate, Gluten Free, 100% apples from the Jachmann estate

History of the Jachmann Orchard

The story of Jachmann Apple Cider began in 1983, when James and Pauline Jachmann purchased their orchard in the heart of they Riverland, between the townships of Loxton and Berri.

Typical of the region, the Jachmanns embraced the hard work ahead of them, cultivating, pruning, planting and hand picking their fruit each year, supplying the local market with fresh, South Australian apples.

Jachmann apples are famous for their sweet, crisp flavour, and are still a staple for many locals and visitors alike, who stop at the farm gate stand and purchase them in two-kilogram bags, straight from the tree.

Years later in 2012, the family was investigating ways to diversify and improve on their premium product. It was decided that they would make a foray into small batch cider, using only Jachmann apples.

While over the years the business has changed, the passion and hard work remains.

Owner Pauline Jachmann continues to strive towards producing the best quality apples she can grow, carrying out the pruning, picking and work in the orchard, as well as balancing the books and delivering to some local suppliers in the Riverland.

While Jachmann apples continue to be used in their award-winning cider and purchased fresh in bags, Pauline also produces dried apples, apple and cinnamon flat snacks. These dried products are preservative and sulphur free and are stocked in selected businesses in Riverland and Barossa Valley.

Jachmann Cider 3 Bottle Picture

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